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DataDescriptionSourceOrganisationDownload LocationOperational/ Archived DataFrequency of UpdateLevel of GuaranteeUsage Restrictions
BLAST dbLatest release of the BLAST databases (e.g nr, nt, est, etc) in FASTA format. - NCBINCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
BLAST dbLatest release of the BLAST databases (e.g nr, nt, est, etc) - NCBINCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
BLOCKSProtein conserved regions databaseNCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
dbESTEST databaseEMBNetNUS-BICDownloadArchive1 week None
DDBJDNA Data Bank of JapanNIGNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
EMBLEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory NUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
EnsemblAutomatically annotated genome database at EBI, UKEnsemblNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
EnzymeEnzyme databaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
euGenesEukaryote Genes Summary DatabankeuGenesNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
GenbankNIH sequence database. Collection of all publicly available DNA sequence.NCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
Gene OntologyGeneontology databaseGeneontologyNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
GenPeptContains mostly unannotated translations of GenBank sequencesNCICRFNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
IMGTImMunoGeneTics DatabaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchive1 week None
InterProIntegrated protein domains and functional sites databaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
KEGGKEGG pathway database, Kyoto, JapanKEGGNUS-BICDownloadArchive1 week None
NCBI GenomesGenomic database of various organismsNCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
NR ProteinsNon redundant protein databaseEMBNetNUS-BICDownloadArchive1 week None
PfamProtein families database at Sanger Centre, UK.EBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
PIRThe protein identification resource databaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
PRINTSCompendium of protein fingerprintsUMBERNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
PrositeProtein families and domains databaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
RebaseRestriction enzyme database at New England Biolabs, USAEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
RefSeqReference Sequence databaseNCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
SRS Databanks  NUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
SwissProtHigh level of annotation, low level of redundancy protein sequence databaseEBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
TaxonomyTaxonomy databaseNCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
TrEMBLComputer annotated supplement of Swiss-Prot. Contains translations of EMBL nucleotide sequence entries not yet integrated in Swiss-Prot.EBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
UnigeneNon-redundant set of gene-oriented clusters databaseNCBINUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None
UTRUntranslated regions of eukaryotic mRNAs databaseUTRNUS-BICDownloadArchived1 week None