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DataDescriptionSourceOrganisationResource LinkStatusFrequency of UpdateLevel of GuaranteeUsage Restrictions
BLAST+BLAST+ Web Portal NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
ClustalWClustalW Web Portal NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
DNAFSMinerDNA sequences are an important type of biomedical data that contains many biologically meaningful functional sites such as transcription start site, coding region, translation initiation site, splice site, polyadenylation signal and so on. Our DNA functional site miner (DNAFSMiner) is a web-based software toolbox that aims to predict these functional sites in DNA sequences. There are two software tools. One is called TIS Miner which can be used to predict translation initiation site (TIS) in vertebrate mRNA, cDNA, or DNA sequences. The other is called Poly(A) Signal Miner which can be used to predict polyadenylation (poly(A)) signal in human DNA sequences. I2RLinkOperationalNANANone
MGAlignMGAlign (short for mRNA to Genome Alignments) is a webservice to quickly and accurately align mRNA sequences to genomic sequences on a personal computer NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
MoViESMolecular vibrations evaluation server NUS-CSC Service DiscontinuedNANANone
NetCTLNetCTL predicts CTL epitopes in protein sequences. The current version expands the MHC class I binding predicition to 12 MHC supertypes including the supertypes A26 and B39. The accuracy of the MHC class I peptide binding affinity is significantly improved compared to the earlier version. Also the prediction of proteasonal cleavage has been improved and the updated version has been trained on a set of 886 known MHC class I ligands.Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Technical University of DenmarkNUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
Primer3PCR primer design tool NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANUS
Primer3PlusEnhanced PCR primer design tool NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANUS
S* Life Science Informatics Course InterfaceS* Life Science Informatics Official Website S* AllianceLinkArchiveNANANone
SDPMODA web service for comparative modelling of small disulphide-bonded proteins NUS-BIC Service DiscontinuedNANANone
Sequence Manipulation Suite (SMS)The Sequence Manipulation Suite is a collection of JavaScript programs for generating, formatting, and analyzing short DNA and protein sequences.University of AlbertaNUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
SGMSplicing Graph Modules (SGM) is a collection of Python modules housed within a Python package to draw splicing graphs (a form of visual representation of several transcript sequences which may exhibit alternative splicing). A web service is available for users to generate splicing graphs using a web browser. NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
SVMProtProtein function prediction software NUS-CSC Service DiscontinuedNANANone
T3SEdbT3SEdb represents such an effort to assemble a comprehensive database of all experimentally determined and putative T3SEs into a web-accessible site. It contains more than 1089 entries of T3SS effector sequence data including primary sequences and functional annotations NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
WebQTLGeneNetwork consists of linked resources and analysis tools for systems genetics. It has been designed for the analysis of networks of genes, transcripts, and classic phenotype data sets. GeneNetwork combines more than 25 years of legacy data generated by hundreds of scientists with genome sequence data and massive transcriptome data sets (expression genetic or eQTL data sets). WebQTL a major module of GeneNetwork that is optimized for fast on-line quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of traits that are controlled by combinations of gene variants and environmental factors. WebQTL exploits reference populations of humans (CEPH), mice (BXD, AXB, LXS, etc.), rats (HXB), Drosophila, barley, and Arabidopsis. Each of these genetic reference populations is accompanied by dense genetic maps used to locate modifier genes that cause downstream differences in expression and phenotypes, including disease susceptibility.GeneNetwork University of TennesseeNUS-BIC Service DiscontinuedNANANone
WEMBOSSEmboss Web Portal NUS-BICLinkOperationalNANANone
XdomView (Version 2.1)A Graphical Tool for Protein Domain and Exon Position Visualization NUS-BIC Service DiscontinuedNANANone